About Lance

Being a teenager in the 90’s how could you not want to try skating? I love the sport and just the act of skateboarding. It’s a mode of transportation as well as fun. Skating is a good way to learn how to practice and work hard to develop skill. No one is just naturally good at skating, you have to really work and practice to get good at it.

The problem for me was trying to teach myself. When you have a teacher to show you it is a lot easier. We have a lot of helpful videos on the internet helping people learn a lot quicker. A video doesn’t ever beat the real thing. The quicker new skaters can meet others to help them out the quicker they can help others.

I want to help introduce new skaters into the scene. The quicker you can get integrated into the basics of the community the quicker you can become the skater you want to be! I’ll cover the basics so you all can make good decisions before you get well into the skating scene!

Feel free to add on what you see fit, I want this to be a skater friendly community, where everyone can share personal tips and tricks they’ve learned over the years.